Thursday, March 5, 2009

Breaking News: A-Rod Out for 10 Weeks for Hip Surgery

Despite his hip bothering him last year, according to his brother Joe, A-Rod has decided to get hip surgery to remove a cyst during Spring Training rather than during the offseason and will be out until May...

Example 5,080 of A-Rod being selfish. However, you think he would have announced that he would be having the surgery at the height of his PED shitstorm.

What are the chances that A-Rod received his cyst as a result of steroid use? Surely this will re-ignite the speculation that A-Rod used steroids after 2003.

Sorry Ms. Selena Roberts. Your book will not have the same impact with A-Rod not playing in the New Yankee Stadium's inaugural game.

Update from the Lohud of the Rings: Cashman said Alex Rodriguez has a torn hip labrum and cyst. Instead of surgery they will try rest and rehab.

I am a Juris Doctor, not a Medical Doctor, but a torn hip labrum sounds pretty fucking bad...

La reputación de ESPN Deportes ha sufrido otra vez.

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  1. He is just a giant fucking attention whore. If he announced it during the PED revelations, he would have had ONE turn in the spotlight.