Thursday, February 19, 2009

This Just In: Kobe Bryant Is A Dick

Last night around 1:00AM or so, I flipped on the end of the Lakers vs. Warriors game and there was about 2:20 left. I believe the Lakers were up by two when the following took place.

Kobe went it for a lay-up...

Clearly didn't get fouled...

But missed anyway...

And instead of attempting to get the rebound or play defense, he immediately started bitching right in the ref's face as soon as he saw that the ball didn't go in.

And continued waving his arms...

And looking back at the ref, despite the fact that it clearly wasn't a foul.

As he ran up the floor, he continuted to bitch and moan...

Until he committed this blatant foul (even though his team was leading at the time)...

And when he got called for it... you are never going to guess what happened!

He kept fucking complaining. Look at that freeze frame two pictures above. It couldn't have been a more obvious foul.

If you are going to bitch and moan like a fucking 12 year old girl your whole way up the court and then blatantly slap someone on the arm, you are going to get called for it. The refs knew you were pissed and you're lucky they didn't call it intentional. And you still whine about it.

Fuck you, Kobe. You are the reason people say basketball players are selfish prima donnas. You aren't exactly helping with the credibilty of the league's officiating, either.

So two or three possessions later, when the Lakers were already up by 6, Kobe drains this fadeaway...

And then shoots this look back across the court.

Congrats, Kobe. You were only 9-22 from the field and had just three rebounds, but you currently lead the league in Asshole Glares (AG) with 2,241. Keep up the meanacing sneers, fuckface, because you can't hold LeBron's jock.


  1. The irony of the NBA is that every player thinks they are fouled anytime they have the ball, yet no player thinks they have ever committed a foul...

  2. About 5 minutes before the half, as Kobe went to shoot a Technical Free Throw, there was a great moment when the ref chided Kobe for all his whining and there, in glorious HD was Kobe clearly saying in a close up "You gotta be shitting me. You're fucking shitting me, right?"

    Best part of the whole game.

  3. Lets not forget that Stephen Jackson threw a hissy fit, actually far more over the top than this, a few minutes prior. One difference, of course...Jackson got T'd up.

  4. To me it looked like he got a push from Turiaf. I'm not a Kobe fan but this tantrum is not as bad as other players.