Monday, February 23, 2009

Nothing Like Home

It took 11 hours, four separate car rides, and the combined efforts of five friends/family members, but I finally made it back to NYC last night. I've got some pictures documenting the journey back which may or may not make their way up on the site after work.

The mythical music post obviously didn't make it up this weekend due to the unforseen circumstances discussed above and Brendan still has to weigh in with his Extreme Beer Fest recap, so the non-sports content is going to bleed into the week a little bit. Hope y'all folks don't mind.


  1. So would you rather have stayed home and drank Beast Ice?

  2. Hell no. I got a spot right away when I got back to the city and we ate fantastic meal at Citron:

    I'm always down for an adventure, and all is well that ends well.