Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Thanks Mrs. Teix!

Shysterball doesn't make too much of the cute story that Mrs. Teixeira's input was the "deciding factor" for Mark to come to the Yankees. He says:
I suppose it's entirely possible that Leigh Teixeira was the driving force behind the Yankees landing their new slugger. I suppose that to some it might even matter. I also suppose, however, that if I wanted to change the subject from a contentious negotiation with the Red Sox and a media firestorm about the size of my contract in these tough economic times that I might float the story that my wife made the call so I don't look so damn mercenary about it. A new angle on Mike Hampton's "I'm signing with the Rockies because the schools in Denver are good" if you will.
That makes a lot of sense. Listening to the press conference, Teix seems like a really positive genuine kind of a dude, so I'd like to take what he says at face value, but he is a Boras client.

I know nothing about Mrs. Teixeira, except that her first name is Leigh, but let's not discount her opinion as frivolous either. Maybe she was thinking about more than just school districts and the colors of the uniform. Mark did have to choose between several fairly close options, and perhaps it really his wife's vote that pushed it over the top. Here is a short list of things, that if she was thinking at all about Mark's career, she would have taken into account (aside from the $20 million more than the Angels & $10 million more than the Red Sox):
  1. The acquisition of CC Sabathia
  2. Sharing the infield with Alex Rodriguez, Derek Jeter and Robinson Cano
  3. The acquisition of AJ Burnett
  4. A chance to win a World Series now (as opposed to the Nationals)
  5. The steady revenue stream provided by the New Yankee Stadium
  6. The size of the New York market and the Yankees' nationwide fan base
  7. His childhood idolization of Don Mattingly
  8. The history of the organization

And also

Welcome to town, Mrs. T! You made a good choice.

[Note: In no way did Mrs. T's resemblance to Reese Witherspoon encourage me to write this post]


  1. Kellerman reads "Fack Youk"!

  2. Conjecture, but he was talking about Teix's wife.

  3. Nice, I'm not surprised we have similar takes. I've been listening to his show like everyday for 2 1/2 years.

  4. I don't get why this is a story...

    OMG!!! He consulted his wife before making one of the biggest decisions of his life that would have a major impact of her's too. I've never heard of such a thing.

    Also, Teix loving Donnie Baseball almost as much as me might have sealed the deal on whose jersey tshirt I will be buying this year.

  5. Too bad your Giambi jersey has the name on the back. Sucka!

  6. Good thing Grandma is handy with a needle, that shit will be off it 3 minutes.

    Also, I bought that off of McCabe in 11th grade for $10 when he got kicked out of his house and was living in his car for a few days and needed some money.