Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A Few Good Reasons To Read 'The Sports Hernia'

I'm not sure how many of you subscribe to or stop by The Sports Hernia Blog on a regular basis. It's usually not much more than a photo and a hilarious caption, but it's almost always laugh out loud funny.

Here are some selected recent posts:
Knicks studio guy is as confused as his hair
NBC to nation: The Dumbest GM of All-Time is still smarter than anyone we have in studio
Colt McCoy's sister revels in his failures
Gumbel to Sager: "I'm coming for ya"
Belichick placed in customary storage room until August

Some older ones:
Report: Marc Iavaroni apparently trapped inside haunted house at all times
NFL Network interviews Chad, Chad, Chad and Chad
First grader manages to get Erin Andrews more excited than you ever will
NBA All-Transvestite Team finally revealed
S.S.H.L.S.* spotted at Fenway
Andy Reid...
Time for the asshat mailbag
Doc & Darryl suddenly intrigued by Yankee baseball
Elfish dork literally feeds off buzz of the crowd
Cashman explains "the move" to A-Rod
A-Rod applauds as Yanks break ground on new team day spa
State Trooper Giambi makes triumphant return

And my all-time favorite:
Joba Chamberlain continues to disgrace the game with his wild celebration antics

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