Saturday, January 17, 2009

"Get This Idea Will Just Had" [The Fack Youk Experience]

Clifton: you going to the knicks game tonight?
11:26 AM me (Jay): probably
get this idea just Will had:
we are gonna make a sign that says...
take a guess
Clifton: i was going to say you should make a sign
11:27 AM Clifton: fack youk and something about curry
me: close, we didn't even think about the fack youk part
"Look At It, Dave"
Clifton: hahaha
11:28 AM me: probably scroll on the bottom except spell it right
Clifton: they probably aren't going to let you in with thatme: ahhh yes, but here's the genius part
we are going to make two signs and tape them together, with the one on the outside saying something hokey and gay like "Let's Go Knicks" with a basketball or something
11:29 AM Clifton: thats awesome
me: and then bust out "Look At It, Dave" in like the 2nd quarter and see how long it takes to get kicked out by the MSG gestapo
Clifton: that is outstanding
me: we might get some publicity, and it's sort of fucking hilarious
Clifton: there must be a blog post about the experience
11:30 AM me: there will be a preliminary post and a follow up probably
11:31 AM Clifton: good stuff
11:32 AM me: i may or may not just rip this GChat and post it directly on the blog
Clifton: that is not a bad idea either


  1. I found your blog linked from It Is High, It Is Far, It Is... Caught. Its a great read - would you like to trade links with

    Please let me know if you've added us an I'll do the same.


  2. Yes. Will reconvene tomorrow morning when i'm not hammered. good day, sir.

  3. Ross,
    I tried to copy and paste your link and internet explorer said it wasnt a site. So all i can say is YOU'RE A FUCKING LIAR...i'm drunk we'll get you on there tomorrow when we're sober.

  4. Ross - please excuse my dear aunt sally (drunk friend will).

  5. Did the site really not work, or were you just really drunk? My new site just launched a few weeks back so I want to work out the kinks.

  6. This is Will on Jay's computer. The site just worked and yes I was really drunk.