Friday, January 30, 2009

Former Yankees #14 Headed To Mets

From MLBTR, the Mets signed Matt DeSalvo to a minor league deal.

A then 26 year-old DeSalvo was thrust into the spotlight after seemingly everyone on the Yankees came down with hamstringitis in 2007. He lacked a truly dominant pitch and was said to "hide the ball well" with his delivery. Other scraptastic descriptors were applied in attempts to explain how a kid who never broke 90 with his fastball was getting guys out at the Major League level, for a little while anyway.

In his first two starts with the Yanks, Matty D went 13 2/3 IP, gave up 3 runs and picked up a win. League eventually caught up to him and that would be his last win in Pinstripes. This sums up his time with Yankees almost perfectly:

He was granted free agency in December 2007, and signed with the Braves, where he started in AAA in Richmond. He went 2-10 there, with a 4.91ERA, but struck out almost one batter per inning. He saw only two innings of Major League action in 2008 and gave up 7 runs (31.50ERA).

According to his Wikipedia page, he is a "voracious reader". Good luck Matt, you're still only 29 and hopefully you get another shot at the Bigs.

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  1. I remember when T-Clip was seen by many Yankees fans (including myself) as a solid #2 to Hughes and perennial All Star. Talk about irrational prospect evaluation. He did have a nice game against the Mets, however.