Friday, December 26, 2008

I Spy

So the Yankees signed Kevin Cash to play the role of this year's Chad Moeller, a third option behind Molina and Posada who will spend most of the time in AAA ball.

Interesting. The 31 year old catcher, aside from having a sweet middle name (Forrest), is quite a terrible hitter. In 142 ABs with the Sox last year, he had an OPS of .647. He has a major league career OPS+ of 38, which makes Melky Cabrera look like Willie Mays.

So why would the Yanks want this guy? Why not steal a backstop from an NL Central team? Well I think the one fairly obvious thing that Cash brings to the table is an intimate knowledge of Boston's pitching staff. In the spirit of constant oneupmanship that exists between New York and Boston, the clear motivation for this is... espionage!

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