Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Welcome Back, Andy

It's like he never left.

Andy Pettitte is coming back to the Bronx on a one year contract worth $11.75M with no incentives. This comes as no surprise both in terms of the dollar value and the fact that the deal got done. It was only a matter of time but it's nice to have it finalized.

Pettitte finished 2009 strong - as in starting the clinching game of the World Series strong - unlike in 2008 when his shoulder bothered him down the stretch. He actually made one fewer start this year than last, but had a 3.31 ERA in the second half and pitched well into the postseason, overcoming his struggles at the New Yankee Stadium. As such, the Yankees were obliged to guarantee him the money up front instead of load the contract with incentives. Seems fair to me.

With the two moves the Yankees have completed in the past 24 hours, they have made great strides towards solidifying the team for the 2010 season if you assume Joba and Hughes are filling in the 4th and 5th starter roles and Granderson is aimed for LF. While the bullpen seems a little barren and they could certainly use a DH and possibly a platoon partner for Granderson, the holes are closing and the team is starting to take shape. I'm sure Cash & Co. aren't done yet, but they are a lot further along than they were this time yesterday.


  1. Strong move by the Yanks, Jay, and the right one. Pettite was solid last season and excellent in the playoffs (4-0, 3.52 ERA, 3 series-clinching wins). The rotation is again sound at the top three. The Yanks did the right thing by saying flat-out that he was their top priority, and by excising the incentive basis from his 1-year, $11.75 million deal. Cashman and the Yanks have had two terrific days.

  2. This is what i like about the Yankees that is generally overlooked by too many people. They take care of their own people. Andy played for an incentive laced contract last season, and at 37, no way would another team sign him for even 10 Mil per. I would guess $6-7mil is his market price. knowing this, NY still signs him way above his value. It's like a "Thank you for your loyalty" contract. Sure, I agree their payroll is generally too high, but I have no problem with the Yankees signing their own player above market to showcase an appreciation for loyalty. Other teams just don't do that. Sure they don't have as big a pot as NY does, but it's just another reason why I love New York.

  3. I feel the same way, Joshua. Pettite deserved it, and they did right by him.

  4. cashman has already said granderson will play center, not left.