Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Definitive Collection of Curtis Granderson Links

You probably haven't heard anything about it, but yesterday the Yankees made a minor trade for a player named Cletus Glandorstine Kirk Granderstone Kent Gardenerson Kirby Galdenstein Curtis Granderson. If you would like to learn about him or the trade that put him in Pinstripes, here are some helpful resources:

Yankee Blogs:
Joe from River Ave. Blues over at the YES Network.

Cliff from Bronx Banter's predictably excellent synopsis of the deal.

The Yankee Universe looks at how this affects the outfield and DH situation(s).

264 Comments over at the Replacement Level Yankees Blog

Other baseball blogs:

The ESPN Guys:

Other team's blogs:
A great breakdown of Granderson's batted ball data over the past three years.

And from the MSM:

Joel Sherman explains why the Yankees were scouting Granderson at the end of the '09 season

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