Friday, December 18, 2009

Johnny Damon Would Give Himself A 4 Year Deal

One of the more absurd tidbits of the offseason emerged yesterday when Larry Stone of the Seattle Times dropped the following chestnut into an article about the Mariners' interest in signing Johnny Damon (h/t BBTF):
One other rather bizarre Mariner-related Damon anecdote. I heard from someone who works around the Mariners that after Bill Bavasi was fired in 2008, and the Mariners were searching for a new general manager, Damon actually was telling people he would be interested in the job. This person insisted that Damon seemed dead serious, even though he was still an active player. It didn't go anywhere, of course, but I always thought it was an interesting notion. I meant to ask Damon about it last year when the Yankees came to town, but never got a chance.
Johnny Damon seems like a pretty decent guy and when his career is done, he'll probably be a borderline Hall of Famer. He's played for four different organizations (including ones run by Billy Beane, Theo Epstein and Brain Cashman) and been on two World Series winners. The man certainly has an eye for talent. All that said, campaigning for a front office position is one of those times that being a self-proclaimed "idiot" (and "writing" a book about it) might work against you a bit.

Clearly no team with any brains is going to hand over the keys to their franchise to Johnny Damon; I'm certain that any number of assistant GMs or scouting directors or other front office personnel would make a better general manager. If this is true, it makes his request for a four year deal seem downright realistic by comparison.


  1. I am very fond of Johnny Damon and all but I'm like 80% sure he's actually the dumbest person on earth.

  2. Great, more anti-asian bashing from you guys. This site should be shutdown for hate speech.

  3. Well Anon, this AznPride troll is certainly giving your theory a run for its money.

    There's no mention of an Asian person in the post and "anti-asian bashing" is a double negative, meaning that I would be bashing the people who were anti-Asian.

  4. This is sort of a repost, but after extensive analysis of the 29 other teams in MLB (scroll down a little for the Damon discussion, it’s in two parts), I really don’t see anywhere else for him to land. I think the Yankees make a face-saving frontloaded 2/$17M offer and he takes it. Damon gets to talk about how much he wanted to stay here, he was willing to take less, yadda yadda yadda, and the Yanks get a solid option for LF/DH that plays particularly well in their home park. It makes too much sense not to happen, especially if you take a look at my blog and check out his other options (hint: not much). I’m happy; I like Nick Johnson, but having Damon back is insurance we definitely can use. Lock up Sheets and Duchscherer and call it an offseason.