Thursday, July 2, 2009

Me And My Big Mouth

On May 22nd, the Yankees were riding a nine game winning streak. It was the Friday heading into the three day Memorial Day Weekend. I wrote the game preview that night, and chose "Once" from Pearl Jam. The Yanks lost to the Phils that night.

I'm not the most superstitious person in the world, so when I chose a Pearl Jam song again tonight, with the Yankees riding a seven game streak heading into the three day Fourth of July Weekend, I didn't think there was any bad juju associated with it. My bad folks.

I'm already in full blown holiday weekend mode, so I'll make this brief. CC was not sharp. The Yanks did not capitalize on their offensive opportunities on the night. Teix had a rough night in the field. Melky did too, failing to get to a critical gapper that Brett Gardner likely would have run down. Remember when Joe Girardi said Gardner had earned more playing time? Yeah, that was Sunday.

Russell Branyan ran his consecutive K streak to seven, then drew a big walk, then BLASTED a shot off the facing of the Mohegan Sun Sports Bar in centerfield. The Yankees threatened in the ninth but couldn't put a rally together. Matsui blasted a homer. Ichiro dropped a flyball.

It was a difficult loss, but hopefully just a blip on the radar screen. We're at it again tomorrow, as the Blue Jays come to town for a four game, wrap-around, all matinee series. Check back late morning for the preview.

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