Thursday, July 2, 2009

Jonathan Papelbon: A Portrait Of The Artist

"I thought today was a great opportunity for our bullpen to come show the league what we're really made of," Papelbon said. "I think we answered that with flying colors."
So... the Sox bullpen is made of flying colors, yes? Vanessa Williams knows exactly what you mean.


  1. He should probably just stop talking.

    But now that the cat's out of the closet...

  2. Yup... you can't put the genie back in the barn.

  3. Well, not if you're gonna close the bottle's doors after the horse ran out.

    But who are we to criticize? People who live in glass houses shouldn't kill two birds with one stone. Amiright?

  4. Totally... you shouldn't bite the dog that feeds you.