Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Syracuse Plays Great, Gets Blown Out

Well, Fuck!!!

Syracuse put up a gutty, inspiring showing against Georgetown Wednesday night (sarcasm for those who didn't see it.) Maybe its that I just ran out of children's Tylenol but I am really fucking pissed about that game. Here is how I saw it (in list form!!):

1. It takes Boeheim a fucking lustrum to realize that 2-3 zone doesn't work against teams that can shoot the 3.

2. FUCKING FREE THROW SHOOTING. They shot 43.5%, brought down by Rick Jackson who was 1-8...ONE FOR FUCKING EIGHT!

3. Andy (Leo) Routins banged up the same knee that he tore his ACL in last year. The announcers said he would be ok, but if he is done for the season (Oh God please no) disregard everything I said here. That would eliminate the vast majority of 'Cuse's 3pt game and they would be done.

4a. "WE-ARE! GEORGE-TOWN!" Let me say that is a very creative chant you all have there. That is truly the chant of a student body that knows how to get the most for their money.

4b. Can Georgetown's shitty band play "We Fly High" by Jim Jones a few more times? THAT SONG IS OVER TWO YEARS OLD YOU FUCKS! You should be playing whatever piece of shit song Akon put out last week.

We got Notre Dame on Saturday at 12PM, so get your shit together.


  1. Well Put. I would like to say fuck that annoucer or anyone who told him to say Andy is ok. I saw the play and i saw him on the bench nursing that knee. The kids in pain and it's only going to feel worse today.

    P.S. I thought lay-ups and foul shot were the basics of basketball. clearly cuse needs practice to all the above.

  2. @anon,
    to clarify, the announcers got that from the SU medical staff, but they will probably need an MRI to be sure. I agree it looked bad especially on an already damaged knee.

    They shoot 100 FT each after practice every day and they still suck. There is no explanation for it. I have a solution for the missed layups...DUNK THE FUCKING BALL