Wednesday, January 14, 2009

On Second Thought...

As you may know, Jodie Meeks had one hell of a performance last night. In an effort to give this achievement some historical perspective, I did a little digging through NCAA records, which in turn has forced me to write a little something on Pete Maravich.

Pistol Pete was a little before my (and most of yours) time, but holy shit what this guy did on the collegiate level is fucking amazing. Here are some Pistol Pete fun facts and NCAA records for you.

Points averaged:
1968: 43.8 ppg
1969: 44.2ppg
1970: 44.5ppg

Holds the NCAA record for scoring more than 50 points (28 times)

Scored a career-high 69 points vs. Alabama (Feb. 7, 1970); 66 vs. Tulane (Feb. 10, 1969); 64 vs. Kentucky (Feb. 21, 1970); 61 vs. Vanderbilt (Dec. 11, 1969)

Pistol Pete set 11 NCAA and 34 Southeastern Conference records, as well the LSU records for points scored, scoring average, field goals attempted and made, free throws attempted and made, and assists.

Maravich made an average of 13 shots a game from what is now the three-point line; if the three-point line had existed when he played, he would have averaged 57 points a game.
Fack Youk called Pistol Pete's representatives to get a reaction to Meeks performance, but those calls were not immediately returned. However, we think his statement would go something like this:


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