Monday, January 12, 2009

Rickey is Headed To Cooperstown

The voting is in and the BBWAA will be sending two players to Cooperstown; Rickey Henderson getting the nod on his first ballot and Jim Rice on his last. Congratulations go out to both players.

Over 25 seasons Henderson complied some pretty ridiculous statistics; 3,055 hits, 2,295, runs scored, 1,406 stolen bases and career a OBP of .401. In 1982 he stole 130 bases, which is right around half the time he was on base. Henderson only had over 100 strikeouts once in his career (I hate strikeouts more than most people). Rickey played four seasons with the Yankees and was roaming center field the first time I visited Yankee Stadium in 1989.

On a side note, Donnie Baseball only received 64 votes or 11.9%, way below the 75% needed. Thanks to back injuries it looks like #23 won’t be making it to Cooperstown any time soon.


  1. Do the right thing Ricky, go in as a Yankee!

  2. Don't tell Rickey what to do. Rickey is gonna go in as what Rickey wants to be: A San Diego Surf Dawg.

  3. You guys may have seen this, especially the way Jay wrote his last post but its some good laughs...