Thursday, January 15, 2009

"The Next Great American Past Time"

I spent last night attending a riveting open mic night at a local bar where two faggy dudes duet-ed Come to my Window by the queen of all dykes. AWESOME!

Fortunately, when I came home I opened up and saw a game we all know, a game we all love, and a game I wish I played tonight in someones parents basement: Beer Pong. The article by Rick Reilly does not give the glorious pastime justice but the photo raised an issue that has caused countless contentious arguments in my life. Do you think this guy is leaning? And would you bring it up during the game?

How you answer this question says a lot about your skill level, sexuality, and overall value as a human being...


  1. EGREGIOUS LEAN! He's releasing the ball like halfway down the table. Why don't you just drop it in, asshole.

    And fuck yeah I would bring it up.

    Does this mean I'm gay?

  2. No - it means the world series of beer pong is gay

  3. Leaning, 1 beer cup, etc.!?!?!

    This is exactly why I decided not to enter the NBA draft back in 2006, they got away from the true spirit of the game.

  4. @Bren: It's too bad, because there was some real potential for the WSOBP. We'll have to stick to the unoffical Cahoon Classic. There may not be fans, but there are at least some damn standards.

  5. @Jay: The Kahuna Classic was my semiannual poker tourney... you're referring to the Steve's Sports Den Beirut Series, home of the Tournament of Champions, Fall Classic, Frozen Face-off, and Spring Jamboree. If you build it, they will come.