Thursday, January 15, 2009

Fowah Mwah Yeaahs Of Fackin' Youk! [Breaking News]

As someone who very nearly met an early grave on the lonely expanses of the North Pacific almost exactly four years ago (Storm Stories did an episode on it), I'm very happy to be able to move on from that last post with some quite excellent news for the fate of this blog. Peter Gammons, via MLBTR:
Boston avoided arbitration with Kevin Youkilis, agreeing to a four-year contract with the first baseman worth more than $40 million, sources told ESPN's Peter Gammons. The deal includes an option for a fifth year. Youkilis enjoyed a breakout season in 2008, hitting .312 with 29 home runs and 115 RBIs.
Luckily, we have established a line of communication with Youk and his people and we are the very first media outlet to obtain a comment from him on the signing:

Exclusive! Thanks Youk.

Right back at you buddy.


  1. Terrell Owens:Ed Werder::Kevin Youkilis:Fack Youk

  2. Pedroia signing is 4 more years of making routine ground balls look amazingly difficult to field.

  3. my ex gf was on that ship and made me watch that storm stories episode within a week of meeting her. crazy shit. also, much like the ex, i'd hate youk infinitely more if he weren't a member of the tribe.

  4. @Schiff - I'm not a member of said tribe, but I hear ya. Not too many of you folks in the big leagues. Youk and Ryan Braun, anyone else good?

    I don't usually bust out that story for a month or so. It's so incredible you really have to show them the storm stories so they don't think you're lying.

  5. Yea crazy stuff. I think I believed it, but I didn't really get how close you all were to, you know, grim death at sea, until I watched the show. Little did I know then that my relationship was about a year away from grim death, but I digress...
    As for the Tribe, Braun and Youk are the big ones along with Kinsler - '08 had to have set the record for Heebs in the ASG - but after that it's pretty slim pickins. Shawn Green was our go-to guy for a while (ouch), and after him you have Ausmus, Lieberthal, Marquis and (oof again) Schoenweis as the current MLB Jews of note. There's a couple more, but really it's all about Hank and Sandy.

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