Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Game 83 Recap

[WE data via FG]

Not In The Highlights:
  • Jeter just beating out a double play ball in the third. Not saying it was a great play or admirable in any capacity because he's The Captain Derek Jeter®, but if he gets doubled up there, A-Rod leads off the next inning instead of coming to the plate with two outs and the bases loaded.
  • It was clearly A-Rod's night, driving in five of the Yankees six runs and playing strong defense, but CC Sabathia was quite impressive as well. CC allowed one run in the first inning and loaded the bases in the fifth, but was otherwise never really in trouble, striking out ten A's while allowing seven hits and three walks. His pitch count climbed to 118 with two outs in the seventh and David Robertson got the final four outs (two via strikeout) without allowing anyone to reach base.
New recap style. Thoughts? Suggestions? Comments? There would probably be more in the "Not in the highlights" section if I didn't fall asleep in the 6th inning.


  1. So is this officially the "Year of the Slam" now?

    New style looks good and clean. I like the ''Not in the Highlights'' idea. Frankly as a consumer of your product, I'm for anything that keeps you guys churning it out - especially on West Coast games on the weekday when I'm sure updates are the last thing you want to do...

  2. I'm a fan of the new style. I have had the same problem the past few nights. These west coast games are killer, thankfully this is it though.

  3. Love the new style, love the WE graphs and the humor within them (the sloppy arizona game chart was hysterically funny). This blog has fully replaced the rapidly declining nomaas as the best around.