Sunday, May 16, 2010

Game 37 WPA Chart

That one stung. Kubel's salami resulted in a 59% swing in WPA, which is easily the largest of any single play in a Yankees game so far this year. The Yankees getting the tying run to the plate with no one out and following through with three straight strike outs - the last one looking on Teixeira - was pretty demoralizing as well. However, the Yanks took two out of three from a very good team, and at the end of the day, the series was still a success.


  1. Demoralizing... you said it well. Maybe it's good we get back to earth on Mo. But the Red Sox is ready for another beating tomorrow.
    The Wire time now. First time I'm watching, can you believe it? WireDerbyHorseNames and this blog brought me to it. Thanks.

  2. As I mentioned in the news and notes this morning, I was out to dinner by the time the shit hit the fan, so I didn't have the opportunity to first guess. So allow me to second guess.

    1). Where are this morning's proclamations about 2007 Joba being back?

    2). It's mid-May. The Yanks had already taken the first two games of the series. Mo is 40 years old and missed several days with a sore side recently. Was it really necessary to rush him into the game in the 8th and push for a four out save?

    I don't at all dispute that it was the type of situation that calls for a team's ace reliever. But it just seems a little early in the season to me to be going all in like that.

  3. Israel - I hope you are enjoying The Wire. I would highly recommend reading the episode summaries on Alan Sepinwall's blog. Here is season one for those who haven't watched it before:

    The show doesn't go out of their way to introduce people or explain to you what's going in, so unless you read along, you'll miss a lot of the small details. Once you start to "get it", you'll figure things out for yourself and it becomes a truly rewarding experience to watch an episode. Best show ever, in my book.