Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Comes A Thames

Good morning Fackers. Ok, so it's "Comes a Time" not "Comes a Thames", but it's the a sweet song nonetheless. And it's the best I got this morning; still a little tired from last night's game.

Give me awhile to shake out the cobwebs and I'll tell you some stories about last night. Meanwhile, in honor of last night's hero, enjoy this one from Fack Youk's favorite Canadian.


  1. Neil Young, huh? "I've seen the A-Rod and the Papelbon, and Marcus Thames' home run thrilled everyone!"

    Marcus Thames, long may you run.

  2. Admittedly not my best work, but when I got home at one in the morning, it was the best I could muster for a morning post.

    We've gone with song connections that have been far more tenuous.