Monday, April 12, 2010

Opposites Attract

Via Aaron Gleeman over at NBC, rumors indicate that Josh Beckett is engaged to an actual rocket scientist that he went to high school with:
Now, it appears that Beckett and his future bride both graduated in 1999 from Spring High School in Spring, Texas. So reunited high school sweethearts? Perhaps.
Has he's been holding onto the necklace she made him in 11th grade art class for the last 12 years? Maybe.
He went into the minor leagues after graduating and she left Texas for Florida’s Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University where she graduated with a degree in aeronautical engineering in 2004. While working at Boeing - right out of college - she scored a Master of Science degree in Astronautical Engineering from University of Southern California.
While I wouldn't dount that their relationship is held together by a deep curiosity for exploring what lies beyond the Earth's atmosphere, Josh Beckett doesn't exactly exude intellectualism. What would this unlikely couple be analogous to? We took the liberty of playing matchmaker and paired up some other Red Sox with their most antithetical future wives:
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