Thursday, April 29, 2010

Game 21 WPA Chart

I wasn't able to watch much of the game, but I did find the time to look at the play by play and put together this kickass WPA chart.

Some thoughts:
  • How about that Robinson Cano fellow? Two homers, a double, three runs scored and a slick defensive play. He's now hitting .407/a billion/infinity. M-V-P, M-V-P, M-V-P... What? Too soon?

  • My prediction for A.J. Burnett's line was, um, considerably off. He put together another fantastic start (8 shutout innings) and once again stayed away from the three true outcomes (4K, 1BB, 0HR). He only allowed three hits to boot. As many baserunners as strikeouts? Dominance.

  • Marcus Thames continues to rake, tallying up a 3-4 performance and bumping his average up to .588. You're making it very difficult for me to bitch about your shitty defense, Mr. Thames.

  • Frankie Cervelli notched a base hit and has now reached safely in every game he's batted in this year.

  • Although it wasn't a save situation, Mo pitched the 9th. He walked Matt Weiters and struck out Miguel Tejada en route to a scoreless frame.

  • After picking up two hits last night, Curtis Granderson got back on the suck wagon with an 0-5. He's now 2 for his last 27.

  • That's a salvaged 5-4 road trip for the Yanks, making it 6 out of 7 series victories on the season.
That's all I got. Feel free to chip in any details I may have glossed over in the comments.


  1. Jason from The Heartland4/30/10, 1:06 AM

    Cano should be the AL player of the month for April, Jay; hands down. He's also as good going to his right as any second baseman I've ever seen. He was literally on the outfield grass on the shortstop side of second when he whipped the ball to first base on Reimold's grounder up the middle. Ridiculous.

    A.J. was hitting 95-97 on the gun, consistently. He was dealing the gas tonight.

    Cervelli is calling great games in addition to providing some offense. What a benefit to have a guy fill in for Jorge, and the Yankees don't miss a beat.

    Not a bad month at all, with the Yankees going 14-7 with one game left in April, having hardly been at home, and getting little from Teixeira and seeing A-Rod and Granderson cool off of late. Wait until 3-4 start hitting; hopefully some home cooking will help. Look out when they take off.

  2. Marcus Thames looks great in DH. Joe, keep him off LF.

  3. And now the Red Sox get yet another shot at the lowly O's. Obviously it all equals out (unbalanced schedule permitting), but it seems like the Sox have been granted a nice long streak of playing crappy teams to lift their once waning confidence.

    I really need to spend April just concentrating on the Yankees and not obsessing over anyone else...

  4. That's a good point Jimmy. Right now they are managing to stay afloat while several of their players are injured. Once they hit full stregnth they'll probably be better prepared for the harder teams. With that being said, I think they'll have all they can handle in keeping with the Rays and Yanks this year.