Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Links With Moose

We aren't going to devote a full countdown piece to Moose Skowron, but luckily someone put together a video that more or less does it for us.

Speaking of #14, we did a post on Curtis Granderson's choice to wear the number for the upcoming season the day of his press conference in New York that would have fit nicely into our series as well.

And speaking of Granderson, Alex Remington at Big League Stew takes a look at whether or not he can improve his performance against left handed pitchers this year.

Can you name the 45 players who appeared in at least one game for the New York Yankees during the 2009 season? I could only come up with 41 during the six minute allotment but Matt got 44 of them.

Joe from River Ave. Blues debunks the opt-repeated concept of replacing a player's production from one year to the next.

Our pal Tommy Bennett has a piece up at ESPN explaining why Chase Utley, because he didn't get caught stealing once in 2009, should have attempted to swipe more bags.

Larry from Wezen-ball keeps on doing what he does best - churning out interesting, original, interesting and exhaustive posts about baseball. Today's topic? Ranking the best stadium statues in the MLB.

Jonah Keri shares some of the ups and downs of writing a book and a fantastic anecdote about Babe Ruth, Moe Berg and a geisha house.

Rich Aurilia has openly campaigned for a minor league deal with the Mets and Yankees. Mike from RAB took a look at the pros and cons from the Yankees' perspective. Spolier alert: there aren't too many pros.

One thing Mike didn't mention: Luis Sojo is fresh out of a job as the Yanks High-A ball manager, so Aurilia might have some competition for that non-existent "old and completely useless" utility spot.

The Baseball-Reference blog continues their interesting series on final score differentials throughout the history of baseball, this time focusing on one run games.

If you're in a masochistic sort of a mood, NYaT lists off the worst case scenarios for Yankee position players.

If you've got some time on your hands, Callum from the Blue Jays blog Mop Up Duty has a post about his Cuban baseball experience bursting at the seams with pictures and videos. Highly recommended.

I still haven't seen Sugar and reading Bryan Smith's review of it at FanGraphs makes me want to see it more.

Star-Ledger beat writer Marc Carig started up a personal blog. Among the topics so far: former Major League switch-pitcher Greg Harris, the video game Bases Loaded and a brief phone interview that led to - or at least didn't prevent him from getting - an internship at the Washington Post.


  1. I got 44 too. Damn you Josh Towers

  2. I got 43, damn you Josh Towers indeed. Also damn Ian Kennedy.

    You should see Sugar. I saw it last week and thought it was great.