Thursday, December 10, 2009

Yankees Take Hoffmann In Rule V Draft, Lose Two Pitchers

As Joel Sherman indicated shortly before the draft began, the Yankees (by way of the Nationals) have selected OF Jamie Hoffmann with the first pick of the Rule V Draft from the Dodgers.

Chosen by the Carolina Hurricanes in the 8th round of the 2003 NHL Draft (which Matt appreciates), Hoffmann is an athletic 6'3", 235 lbs. He has spent the bulk of his minor league career playing the corners of the outfield but started 32 games in CF at AAA in 2009. Baseball America considered him the best defensive outfielder in the Dodger's system coming to this year, so he should be able to make a positive contribution where ever he's positioned.

He's a right handed batter whose career minor league line is .283/.355/.401, but was better last year, hitting .291/.360/.466 between AA and AAA. The Dodgers called him up for a short stint in May and June of last year where he went 4-22 with two doubles and a home run.
Greg Fertel at Pending Pinstripes takes a closer look at Hoffmann and notes that he had a good year against lefties in'09, although in only 120 ABs.

Here is a FanGraphs piece on him as well, written back in May.

Our buddy Craig sums up some of the lukewarm buzz at the meetings about him.

Cliff fron Bonx Banter doesn't like the move one bit.
The Yankees lost both Zack Kroenke and Kanekoa Texeira (who was part of the Nick Swisher deal) to Arizona and Seattle respectively. Matt took a closer look at both of them earlier this morning and reminded us that the Yankees eventually had all 4 players they lost last year returned to them. Kroenke could have been a useful bullpen piece for the Yanks this year and had they known they were going to lose Phil Coke, they probably would have protected him. But those are the breaks.


  1. It's not just that he was taken in the NHL draft, it's that he was taken by the former Hartford Whalers.


  3. Combined with the acquisition of Grandy, the Yanks have more leverage on JD and even Matsui now. Hoffmann is a nice righty bat and a good defensive outfielder, allowing them to get younger while also adding a decent righty bat if he can play in The Bronx. He must stay on the 25-man roster or get offered back to LA if the Yanks remove him, so we will see what is place is.

    This might also affect the status of Gardner and Melky. Hoffmann seems to have different attributes from Gardner, namely power and the righty bat, that added to his being good defensively might help him stick.

    Intriguing selection.

  4. Is it possible the Dbacks to Kroenke as part of the Grandy trade, with intentions to give him back to the Yanks? I doubt it, especially since it wasn't announced, but it crossed my mind.