Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Sherman Takes His Act To The Big Stage

That's right folks, ol' Joel actually turned his incoherent blog post about A-Rod deserving the Sportsman of the Year award into a column for the Post. It's worded differently, and amazingly, it might make even less sense. He continues his character assassination of Tiger Woods despite any real evidence of wrongdoing and even asks "What's next for Jeter? An Oscar? An Emmy? The Nobel Peace Prize?"

This is a bullshit topic (which is why I'm burying this post at 7:00AM) but Sherman has re-invented his article so I'm re-tooling my takedown. Here are two points Sherman makes (among countless other ones I take issue with) that do a fair job of summing up his argument:
  • This feels like lifetime achievement.

  • And Rodriguez should win this award. He embodies where sports are now. He is the intersection of illegal performance enhancers, advancements in sports medicine, celebrity and on-field genius.
He takes issue with the notion that Jeter is winning it because of lifetime achievement but thinks that A-Rod should win it because he "embodies where sports are now". I fear he may be taking the word "Sportsman" a bit too literally.

The Sportsman of the Year award is a pretty arbitrary award given out for a certain mix of on and off-the-field achievements. There is no concrete mold into which the winner always fits, but I think it makes a whole lot more sense to give it to someone who has always represented a high level of class and character (not to mention success in competition) over someone who has been a notorious preening egomaniac in the year he was forced to admit that he did steroids.

Is that fact that he ceased to be a complete trainwreck remarkable in some ways? Yes. Does that make him deserving of any sort of award? Absolutely not.


  1. all he did was create views for his page, and now his column, by taking the "shock-value" route. He's an ass.

  2. As far as Post writers go, I think Sherman's the best of the lot. I'm not sure that's a compliment though.

    That said, I can't figure why this is such a big deal for him - and he won't let it go. From his 3 Up, 3 Down blog post this morning:

    "At this point I would not be surprised if Derek Jeter won the Heisman Trophy too"

    Really Joel? Are we going to make that big of a deal over the SI Sportsman of the Year? Much like my response to the outcry over the two through ten spots in the AL MVP: who cares?

  3. Stultus Magnus12/1/09, 10:06 AM

    Sherman's an idiot. His articles don't have any depth and he's always a "doom and gloom" type of reporter, every move the Yanks make is the wrong one. I steer clear of his articles/blog posts...

  4. Its a meaningless award and whatever justification for anyone receiving it is just as meaningless.

  5. "At this point I would not be surprised if Derek Jeter won the Heisman Trophy too"

    At this point I wouldn't be surprised if Joel Sherman started writing for Barstool Sports on the side.