Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Yankees' Business Acumen Knows No Bounds

Keep this in mind next time you hear the Fenway Faithful start to get lippy:
New York Yankees team ownership revealed Tuesday that the phrase "Yankees suck," one of the most popular chants in sports, was trademarked by the 27-time World Series champions prior to the 1996 season, a business strategy that has earned the team close to $100 billion over the past 13 years.

U.S. Patent and Trademark Office records show that every time an individual chants, shouts, or writes the words "Yankees suck," the New York Yankees organization earns at least $2.15, an amount that escalates depending on repetition, volume, and whether the phrase was used during a national broadcast.
And that doesn't even count towards revenue sharing!


  1. this is from the onion......i don't think its real man

  2. Yeah, I realize that. I had to go to the page in order to blockquote it. It was a joke.

    I didn't actually think the Yankees made 100 billion dollars off of people chanting "Yankees Suck".

  3. laughing...

    good exchange, too.