Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Two Parts Awful, One Part Awesome

That pretty much describes the entirety of what you can find at Everything Is Terrible. They specialize in mash ups of embarrassing instructional videos, repetitive promotional videos, obnoxious videos attempting to tell you how to be funny, anti-drug videos so unrealistic that they border on propaganda, ridiculous religious videos, awful 80's movies, and apparently even do really strange live shows.

Well I bring them up because they recently found a baseball video that takes the most annoying components of Scooter the talking fastball and the cheesiest parts of Tom Emanski's videos and compressed it down into two and a half very terrible minutes.

And to make up for how painful that was to watch, here is my favorite EIT creation, which isolates the part in every infomercial where the narrator essentially asks "Are you tired of...?":

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