Friday, November 6, 2009

Endless Parade

Good morning Fackers. Have you lost that shit-eating grin yet? Yeah, me neither.

Things are going to be a bit light around here today as both Jay and I (and a cast of thousands) are heading down to the Canyon of Heroes for the parade. For those of you not fortunate enough to go, you can follow along at

Yesterday, LoHud linked to this wikipedia page listing all the Canyon of Heroes ticker tape parades in NYC history. A few quick thoughts on all that:

  • NYC went through about a fifty year stretch where they really liked having parades

  • Despite that, it wasn't until 1954 that the city honored a baseball team with a parade, and it wasn't the Yankees. It was the Giants, who were honored for winning the NL Pennant before they went on to win the World Series.

  • The Yankees first parade came for winning the AL Pennant in 1960, despite the fact that they lost the World Series in heartbreaking fashion. And the parade didn't occur that fall, but rather just prior to the start of the 1961 season.

  • The first Yankee parade for a World Series championship wasn't until the spring of 1962, celebrating the 1961 championship. It was the Yankees' 19th World Series championship, but the first to result in a ticker tape parade.

Even so, the Yankees, the nine Yankee parades through the Canyon of Heroes are the most of any group or individual so honored by the city. It's been like an endless parade for them...


  1. I have not lost the grin...but I have lost sleep. I had to work on the night of game 6 (after hours maintenance stuff) and was so key up about the win I stayed up and watched all the post game stuff until 3am. I haven't caught up the lost sleep yet and maybe I won't. Who cares? Twenty F-ing Seven. My only regret is that the Sawx ducked the Yanks in the ALCS by tanking against the Angels. I'd have loved to seen the Yanks dick punch them on their march to awesome.

  2. Wore my home jersey sporting Mo's #42 to work today. To hell with the dress code. If you want to read the sorriest excuse for a World Series wrapup, get a copy of the Washington Times for today. The headling: "Big Spending, Big Return. Yankees' expensive makeover yields team's 27th championship". And further, an article by Sports Page hack Tom Loverro is titled, "For baseballs' biggest bully, it's just business as usual". What a fathead.