Friday, October 16, 2009

Ronan Tynan: A Singer, Not A Comedian

There are plenty of people who think that playing God Bless America during the 7th inning stretch of every game is unnecessary. I would tend to agree with that sentiment, especially since the rendition by Kate Smith is awful. However, if they could get Ronan Tynan to do it every game - and maybe save the first verse for the big games - I would be totally on board.

Irish tenor Ronan Tynan sings a first-rate "God Bless America," at Yankee Stadium, but his attempt at telling a joke offended a Jewish doctor who found it to be anti-Semitic. [...]

The trouble started when Tynan, 49, bumped into a real estate agent showing an apartment in his East Side apartment building to a doctor from NYU Medical Center.

The agent told Tynan, "Don't worry, they are not Red Sox fans," according to apartment-hunter Gabrielle Gold-von Simson.

"I don't care about that, as long as they aren't Jewish," was Tynan's reply.
Yikes. That must have been awkward. "Well Mr. Tynan, they are Jewish..."

Apparently you can get away with those kind of "jokes" in Ireland. Not so much in New York. The Yankees spiked his appearance tonight as a result.

Hopefully they've secured someone else to sing God Bless America live. My buddy Joe suggested Daniel Rodriguez. It had better be someone, because Kate Smith and her gargling rendition have no place in the playoffs. If the Yankees lose tonight, it's on you, Tynan!


  1. Is Barbara Streisand available?

  2. Why are some ethnic groups so sensitive? Get over yourselves. They should be embarassed about Madoff and Goldman Sachs. Leave this gentleman alone as he was joking! Pathetic.

    I will be rooting for the Angels now.

    Go Angels!

  3. Well then... I don't know if people of a certain ethnicity should be embarrassed about one person much less an entire multi-national corporation.

    Can we be grown ups about this, please? I realize I'm probably talking to one (anonymous) asshole here, but would it kill you to not write the stupidest thing that came to mind on every post?

  4. The more people over-react and equate innocuous tongue-in-cheek comments like these to anti-semitism, the more these people cheapen the horrific suffering of the jews in the past. Lighten up and learn to laugh yourself for a change. Even the Israelis do it better than some New Yorkers.

  5. Calm down and love one another Peace from Ireland.