Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Wonderful Waivering Wallace Matthews

Now here's a refreshing voice of reason who would like to set Wallace Matthews straight after he stated without qualifiers that unlike A-Rod, Andy Pettitte and others, Derek Jeter has "resisted the temptation" to use performance enchancing drugs and "did things the right way":
Still, I realize that while it would be disrespectful, and perhaps irresponsible, not to take Jeter at his word about his own steroid history, I have come to know that to accept the word of any ballplayer on this particular subject these days is to invite humiliation.


I mean, minus a paper cup, a test strip and a private room, how can any of us know for sure when a ballplayer, even one as honorable as Jeter appears to be, is telling the truth.


It's a shame that a player like Jeter has to be asked whether his career has been helped by steroids.

It's a bigger shame that even after his denial, we still can't be sure he is telling the truth.
That voice? Wallace Matthews himself, on February 19th, 2009.

Either Matthews arranged for the private room/paper cup scenario or for some unknown reason only six and a half months later, we CAN be sure Jeter's telling the truth...

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