Friday, September 11, 2009

Rest And Rehab For Robertson

Good morning Fackers. We have some good news to start off this final day of the abbreviated work week. David Robertson's visit to Dr. James Andrews went about as well as it could have. A second MRI did not reveal any structural damage. Andrews recommeds 10 to 14 days of rest before starting a throwing program, which should have D-Rob throwing again some time next week if we count the downtime he's already accrued.

The minor league playoffs will be over by then, so Robertson will certainly work his way back on the Major League level. Robertson has been one the Yankees' top bullpen arms in recent weeks, so he will be given every opportunity to work his way back into form.

The construction of the post-season roster will be one of the main storylines as we head through the season's final three weeks. Robertson's recovery and return will be something to keep an eye during that time, as his performance will affect not only his post-season status, but that of the other relievers vying for spots. Rest assured we'll be taking a more detailed look at this in the coming weeks.

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