Sunday, September 6, 2009

Game 137: What Really Goes On

The Yankees will take the field in Toronto today looking to cap off a road trip which they've begun 5-1. They rebounded from that one loss nicely yesterday after facing Roy Halladay on Friday night, although they struggled mightily to drive home the runners they put on base.

The Yanks lead the AL in on-base percentage, slugging percentage, home runs, RBIs and runs scored and are second in batting average behind the Angels. Surprisingly, they are also second in BA w/RISP (also behind the Angels) although it seems like games similar to the one last night in which they can't drive in runs have been all too common this year. This might go back to our sushi theory which states that bad experiences are far more memorable than good ones, tainting your overall recollection.

The Yanks will remember Brain Tallet, the converted reliever with the trailer park 'stache they've faced twice this year as a starter and once in relief. He's pitched pretty well in both of his starts against the Yanks, going 6 innings each time and giving up two runs in May and three in July. Tallet has been in and out of the rotation this year, being asked to start in place of some injured Jays early in the year and sent back to the bullpen when they called up Marc Rzepczynski. He returned to the starting role in the second half of a double header on Tuesday and looks to be back until the end of the season since they Jays have shut Rzepczynski down for the season.

Coming off his best start as a Yankee, Sergio Mitre takes the hill today. Mitre cruised through 6 1/3 efficient, scoreless innings against the White Sox his last time out before being hit in the forearm by a line drive. The Yanks gave him a little extra time off in between starts, but the forearm shouldn't be a factor this time out. If he morphs back into his very hittable self, it won't be because of that.

The Yanks have a good chance to win the series against the Jays, complete the road trip at 6-1 and extend their record to 6-2 when Mitre starts if he just puts together something in between his last excellent outing and everything else he's done this year. Whatever happens, we'll have a better sense of who Sergio Mitre really is after today.

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  1. It's not encouraging thus far, with Mitre reverting to Meat Tray and the defense letting him down, 3-0 Jays in the third. Hopefully he can settle in and hold it there while the offense wakes up. Jeter alreadyhas two hits. The guy is nothing short of amazing.

  2. Just as I wrote that, Matsui blooped a single, 3-2 Jays now.

  3. Matsui pulled off an Enos Slaughter-like mad dash, scoring from first on Swish's bloop--he would have been out, but still. Tied at 3.

  4. This is a brutal game defensively

  5. No question about it, Cliff. 12-5 Jays now. Train wreck.

  6. Is this serious?

  7. Unfortunately... Can we just forfeit this one? I'll trade the 0.01% chance of coming back and sve the bullpen.

  8. Hmm... 3 run shot by Melky. Starting to reconsider the above comment. 14-8 Jays.

  9. Awful game; just awful. That was one of the few run-for-the-bus performances the team has put in this year, and it will prove costly in the standings, with both Boston and the Angels winning.

    They need to just shrug it off and slap around Tampa.