Sunday, August 30, 2009

Yanks Continue To Kick Ass, Take Names

The Yanks trailed twice in this game in the first and third innings, and true to their hallmark during their post All-Star break tear, answered as soon as possible, tying the game in the bottom of the first and taking the lead for good in the third.

As Joe Girardi predicted when he first unveiled the new and improved Joba Plan, Chamberlain did not factor into the decision. The three innings Joba threw weren't especially impressive and weren't much better than his previous start. He only struck out one batter and allowed two runs, but threw 23 of his 35 pitches for strikes (66%). Whether he was pulled just on the basis of the pitch count or the fact the he wasn't effective could be debated, but if 35 was the number they had in mind coming into the game, he could have easily blown through that allotment in the second inning.

Alfredo Aceves played the role of Joba's babysitter today, pitching three scoreless innings and allowing only two hits while throwing only 32 pitches. When added together Joba Aceves combined for a quality start and turned the game over to the rest of the bullpen with the lead after the sixth inning.

In the top of the 7th, Girardi called on Damaso Marte to face Jim Thome, and then stalled momentarily before calling on David Robertson. D-Rob struck out Jermaine Dye but allowed back to back singles to Mark Kotsay and Alexei Ramirez. With the Yankees leading by only one run at the time, Girardi went to the bullpen for the second time in the inning, this time summoning Phil Hughes. As Joe G. might say, "Hughesy" got Jason Nix to fly out, ending the inning.

The offense awoke in the bottom half of the inning, but their explosion could have easily been stifled had the second batter of the inning, Robinson Cano been rightly called out at first as the second part of a double play. Instead, the ump missed a bang-bang play and the Yanks ended up capitalizing to the tune of 5 runs, capped by a three run shot by Mark Teixeira.

Johnny Damon was removed from the game in the 9th inning, but apparently it wasn't a big deal. Phle Coke gave up yet another HR but with a 6 run leadthat wasn't too much of an issue, either. With the sweep of the White Sox, the Yanks only kept pace with the Red Sox, who took all three from Toronto.


  1. Jay, I swear to God, I was going to write "The Yanks are kicking ass and taking names right now" as I popped over here, no joke. Great minds, great minds.

    Everything is clicking right now. You know what I love? I love that Mariano has had nine days off just in blowout wins of 4+ runs this month, only pitching in one four-run win last Sunday in Fenway. Considering his propensity for the "August blues," that he had off-season surgery, and is 39, that is really a huge plus for the Yanks to have won and not needed to press Mariano often into service, as they did right after the All-Star break with lots of close wins. They're 20-7 in August, yet have not needed Mariano for much of the month. Goodness knows how crucial Mariano is to this team's chances in October.

    Plus, this cushion has allowed them to spot-rest players--Swish today, Posada due to the sore finger the last couple days, JD at times. Not everything is wrapped up by any means but, up 6 in the East and 4 1/2 over the Angels for home field, I fully expect the Yanks to use the DH to rest Teixeira, Posada, A-Rod, even Jeter a bit more and work in Hinske and Hairston. They can't let up, but can surely apportion some rest with five weeks remaining.

    Big-time kudos to Aceves for his excellent, efficient work today. I have to say, I like that Marte has been good if in spot duty since returning. An extra lefty, especially with Coke's recent travails, can't hurt any come October.

    I can't say enough about how well this team is playing right now. 34 over .500, and playing excellent ball. Right now, I'm simply beaming with pride over the Yanks.

  2. "...use the DH but also outright rest..." I meant to say.

  3. The funny part is that we haven't thought to use the phrase sooner, Jason. The Yanks have been playing great ball for quite some time, I think it speaks to the disappointments of previous seasons that we are reluctant to recognize dominant play.

    With any other pitcher, you might be tempted to thing that rest would be a bad thing, but given Mo's age and absurd consistency I think you're right to believe it's a postiive.

    I didn't realize that they were that far ahead of the Angels. HFA would be very nice, considering that the New Stadium certainly has it's quirks.

    High times, brother. These are the halcyon days to be a Yanks fan.

  4. I love that expression!! I was going to use the SAME ONE! (you should know that my dad maintains and will maintain til the end of time that he invented that expression, along with Taking Care of Business. I never see him get as angry as I do when someone contests this fact.)

    I dont care what the yahoos say about record against over .500 teams. Last year we were the ONLY AL team to having a winning record over World Series contender TB. And before that when TB was brutally horrible? We were among only teams to have ugly record against them. And interestingly enough, last year= no playoffs. Every year before that=playoffs.

    So those stats mean about as much as facebook statuses.