Thursday, August 13, 2009

Now For Something Different

After yesterday's fracas, let's do something a little bit different today and say something remotely nice about the Red Sox - who I know I said I wouldn't address until next week's series - but this warrants mentioning.

As my friend Art and I returned from the game yesterday, we stopped at a local bar to grab some dinner. The Sox game was on, and I was very happy to see that longtime Red Sox announcer Jerry Remy was in the broadcast booth, visiting for an inning.

Remy has missed the majority of this season recovering from lung cancer. While his absence has allowed for the Dennis Eckersley experience, the Sox booth won't be right until Remy returns - even if he is the President of Red Sox Nation.

The relationship that broadcasters - particularly in baseball - can forge with a fanbase is one of the most unique things in sports. While someone of us are stuck with windbags, self-serving blow hards, or nails-on-a-chalkboard announcers, Sox fans are lucky in that they have an announcer who enjoys calling games for them as much as they enjoy listening to him.

Get well soon Remy.


  1. While I loathe Suzyn Waldman, she did provide some great material for Opie and Anthony.


    /jumps in front of a bus

  2. Well, thanks, Matt. I am an admittedly biased source but the RemDawg is the best. He actually does a decent, insightful job AND manages to work in some humor. Like Fan throws Pizza ( the summer long ripping of a portly gentleman with the unfortunate luck to be selected for this photo: (Side note to NESN: if you want people to buy your stuff, you might connect your main website with your store. It took me twenty minutes to find that sh*t) A guy like that definitely makes tuning in to watch the home team much more pleasurable.

  3. ...though I will say that the whole Red Sox Nation president thing was incredibly lame. And he's sold out a bit with all the commercials. Still, after listening to Yankees announcing (and heaven forbid Joe Morgan or the Fox crew), I find myself wondering what Remy would have to say about it.