Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Joe Girardi's Morning In Crazy Land

If I hadn't already seen this reported by several media outlets, I would have to think it was a joke.

Joe Girardi spent Tuesday morning at a scrimmage between the Raiders and 49ers, as a guest of his friend, 49ers Head Coach Mike Singletary. Straight-laced, buzz cut, golly-gee Joe Girardi and bat shit crazy, drop-my-pants-at-halftime, "physical" with an "F", throw-my-players-off-the-sideline-mid-game Mike Singletary. Cue the music.

I can't possibly imagine how these two struck up a friendship. My best guess is that it originated from their overlapping time in Chicago: Singletary with da Bears through 1992 and Girardi with the Cubbies from '89-'92.

If that wasn't enough, Girardi also got to meet John Madden and Al Davis, who of course makes Singletary look bland on the relative insanity scale. Davis, Brooklyn raised, reportedly told Girardi to say "hi" to George Steinbrenner. I figured Al and George would be communicating telepathically by this point.

As for Madden, my only hope is Girardi got out of dodge before news broke of the return of a certain waffling, washed-up quarterback. I don't even want to think about what Madden would have done to celebrate that news, but it couldn't have been pretty.

No word as to whether there was any coach-on-coach violence at the scrimmage.

Girardi didn't appear to be suffering any ill effects last night. But if he starts acting irrationally, pulls a Steve Lyons, or happens to sock Mick Kelleher in the mush, we'll know why.


  1. What are the chances that Joe Girardi attacks Tony Pena after spending the day around the Raiders?

  2. I dunno. Tony Pena is pretty bad ass. With the exception of gigantic bullpen coach Mike Harkey, Pena may be the last guy on the staff I'd want to pick a fight with.

    I'd go after Kelleher, but if his continued dodging of foul balls while in the first base coach's box this year is any indication, it may be tough to land a punch on him.