Sunday, July 12, 2009

Swept Away

Well, at least the Yankees found a different way to lose today. Rather than squandering a four run lead, they squandered a one run lead. Rather than imploding in the fifth inning, they gave up four in the fourth. Rather than having to go to the pen in fifth, CC pitched into the seventh - not a great start, but better that what we saw in the first two games of the season. Rather than the bullpen pouring gas on the fire as they did in the first two games, the offense squandered golden opportunities in the seventh and eighth, loading the bases with no one out in both innings and scoring only two runs between those two situations.

I didn't watch today, but listened to most of it on the radio, adding to the torture. As such, I can't say for sure that the team mailed it in with the All-Star break looming. It sure seemed like it in the early innings, but they did claw their way back into position in the seventh and eighth. It wasn't to be. You could blame Teix for whiffing and A-Rod for his GIDP and the seventh, but Swish got robbed on a liner back up the middle to end the eighth. That's just the way this series went: failure to execute and failure to catch a break.

Like a hangover you just can't shake, the bad taste of this weekend will linger in our mouths until Friday, as the All-Star break takes over for the next three days followed by the Thursday off day. Hopefully the team comes back well rested, and ready to make a charge in the second half. Meanwhile, tomorrow you get to listen to Bufoon Berman find new and creative ways to scream "Back-Back-Back... GONE!". Lucky you.

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