Thursday, July 30, 2009

Matt Garza: Not A Genius

Look Out! (Sorry, still working on my Ken Singleton impression)

This is what Matt Garza had to say after hitting Mark Teixeira on the arm in the top of the 5th inning last night:
Tampa Bay Rays RHP Matt Garza acknowledged it was more than coincidence than he hit Mark Teixeira the inning after Yankees starter Joba Chamberlain threw a pitch at the head of Evan Longoria, and noted the Yankees threw inside to Longoria and hit him Monday too.
If you'll recall, Chamberlain went up and in on Longoria in the 4th inning on the first pitch of the at bat. Longoria then popped out to Robinson Cano on the next one to end the inning, and broke his bat by slamming it on the ground in disgust. He was hit by Jonathan Albaldejo on Monday.
I just kind of got tired of people brushing [Evan Longoria] back. It’s about time someone made a statement. They did it on Monday night and we didn’t do anything, they didn’t do it too much (Tuesday) and (Chamberlain) did it again tonight. I hate to be that guy, but someone had to take a stand and say, “You know, we’re tired of it.” You can go after our best guy, well, we’ll make some noise too, and that’s what happened.
I'm sure you really "hate to be that guy", Matt. Especially when you consider that (A) Longoria didn't even get hit, (B) no one made you throw at Teixeira and (C) no one would have known it was intentional until you started running your mouth. It was a good pitch up and in, which barely got a piece of Teix. I personally didn't think there was any malice behind it because it hitting Teix brought A-Rod up to the plate with two men on. Not exactly optimal strategy there. A-Rod ended up striking out, but only after a 9 pitch battle.

At least now everyone will know how tough you are while you're serving that six game suspension, Matt. Enjoy!


  1. I was curious as to who his next start would be against:

    Turns out it's the Boston Red Sox.

    Smart move, I guess.

  2. Yeah, maybe he's got some stuff he's been meaning to take care of around the house? You'd think after 4 years in the Majors he might be familiar with their suspension policy.

  3. When did it become okay for teams to retaliate for guys throwing close to someone without hitting them? What is there to seek revenge for? Garza makes Joba look grounded and wise by comparison.

  4. Oh shut the fuck up you fucking fags. I hope someone takes a bat to Joba's head.

  5. Ha, more like #1(and only)RaysFan!

    /see what I did there?

    (Anon, I know that's you)

  6. Garza wears a toilet brush on his face... at least that is what that beard looks like.