Thursday, July 2, 2009

All-Star Game Voting Ends Today

One of the spoils of living in a Democratic Republic such as ours is suffrage: the right to vote. Today my fellow Yankee fans, I urge you to exercise that right, up to twentyfive times, as All-Star Game voting ends at midnight Eastern Daylight Time.

Derek Jeter is comfortably ahead at shortstop. But as of Tuesday's update from MLB, our namesake and archnemesis led Mark Teixeira by just over 40,000 votes.

Come on Fackers; we can't allow that to happen. So head on over to and rock the vote. Vote Teix. Vote early. Vote often. And if you're so inclined, throw a little support towards Ian Kinsler to try to keep the Sawx off the right side of the infield.

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