Thursday, June 11, 2009

Game 60: Start All Over Again

If there's one person who bears no blame for the Yankees' inepitutde against the Red Sox this year, it's C.C. Sabathia. Joba and Burnett have made two starts against the Sox, along with one each for Hughes, Wang and Pettitte and all have been unsucessful.

Sabathia's numbers against the Red Sox are pretty good, but at Fenway, they are excellent. He has a 3.92ERA in 48.1IP against Boston, but on his 3 vists to Landsdowne St., he's gone 23IP with a 2.35 mark. These are certainly small sample sizes, and Burnett's fine numbers against the Sox didn't do a whole lot for him on Tuesday night, so take them for what they are worth. Which would be a Yankees blogger trying to find ways to cope with the fact that his team has gawtten fackin' dawnimated by the Sawx so fahh this yee-ah. His new career stats against Boston start accumulating tonight.

Frankie Cervelli makes his sixth start behind the plate with CC on the mound tonight. The first one was the complete game shut-out the big fella threw down in Baltimore on May 8th. The only game since then Sabathia hasn't been caught by Cervelli was against the Indians on May 30th.

If you were only judging by won-lost records, CC Sabathia (5-3) wouldn't seem to be having as good of a season as Brad Penny (5-3). But upon further inspection you would find that Penny's ERA is 2.2 runs higher, and despite pitching 26 more innings, CC has allowed 7 fewer hits, just to scratch the surface. The Yankees haven't faced Penny this year, and in fact, the starting line-up only has a grand total of 15 career plate appearances against him. Who knows what that will mean.

As anyone who is familiar with the basic principles of economics could tell you that you shouldn't make decisions based on sunk costs. The seven games in the loss column against the Sox are long gone. There is virtually no chance the Yanks will even tie the season series, but that doesn't really matter. A win tonight and the Yankees walk out of Fenway with a share of the lead in the AL East, and we are back to square one.

The video below was shot at a concert at the new House of Blues in Boston, which happens to occupy the space where Avalon used to be on Landsdowne Street. What are the karmic implications of using a song by a Boston band performed in the shadow of Fenway Park for a game post on an interwebstation devoted to the Yankees? Only time will tell, Fackers.

I've had some good times,
Good times before,
You're love hung me up once baby,
It can't happen, anymore,
I'm gonna start, all over, over again.
I've been through these times before,
I'll go through these time some more,
Gonna start, all over, over again.


  1. umm...this is not the 2nd start of the Cervelli-CC combo

  2. You're right. B-R was missing a bunch of box scores for Yankees games before and that's the only one that showed up in his splits.

    Thanks for the catch.

  3. And another curtain call. What a jerkoff. Suprised he didn't take one last night when he got an standing ovation after a fly out.

  4. Right as the pitch was being delivered, too? I get the feeling that Papi might be the last batter CC faces tonight.

  5. What did I say this morning about not doing a game post? This game is on 2 Italians with the initials JG...

  6. I dislike John Gianone just as much as the next guy, but I don't see what has to do with any of this...