Thursday, May 7, 2009

Why Couldn't It Have Been Ortiz?

As a Yankee fan, there is an element of schadenfreude in discovering that Manny Ramirez has tested positive for performance enchancing drugs. A former member for the Red Sox, who everyone assumed was clean, isn't. But this isn't good for baseball, and it really doens't help the Bombers either. The longtime Yankee destroyer now has a rather large blemish on his resume, but I can't help but think the Sox got off easy on this one. 

Testing has been in place since 2003 and only this year did Manny get busted. He has already pointed to the fact that he has taken and passed about 15 tests that have been administered to him in an attempt to contain the usage to this year, when he was conveniently not with the Red Sox. Everyone will speculate, but until the rest of the '03 test results are leaked with his name attached, there is not going to be any evidence that he was using before this. 

[Sidenote: How long until someone comes out with a Selena Roberts' style expose on Manny? It seems like there is a lot of money to be made in digging through accused steroid using baseball player's pasts these days. I don't think it would be too difficult to dig up some charming anecdotes on him, and I'd just love to know how much he tips at Hooters! Anyone want to give me an advance?]

How is the three-way trade with the Pirates and the Dodgers looking for the Sox now? Manny is gone for 50 games. That's over $7M of his $20M salary. Yes, Boston had to pay a lot of his freight and part with prosepcts, and Manny has been on fire since joining the Dodgers (.380/.490/.710 = 211 OPS+). But his replacement, Jason Bay has a solid (.299/.410/.559 = 145 OPS+) line, and that is presumably without the benefits of whatever drug Manny tested positive for.

In addition, the Sox organiztion has been largely spared the of embarassment of this going down with him still on the team. The graphics on SportsCenter and the MLB Network and will carry the Dodger's logo. He won't have to answer questions at Fenway about it. All those clips of him mashing in a West Coast, National League uniform really deflect the stigma away from their two World Series titles and Manny's WS MVP. That's what I care about: the Championships. 

Maybe he was only using with the Dodgers. Maybe he is really as dumb as he seems and accidentally took something that triggered a positive test. However, I would be inclined to believe that you don't pick up these sort of sloppy habits in your 17th season in the league. I just wish there was some proof. 


  1. Hope this takes the spotlight of Alex and the Yankees..

  2. Ortiz's lack of HRs is proof in itself. Damn Manny. It's like I was told there's no Santa Clause.

  3. Exactly the same thing I said... glad the world series wins are tainted now, but wish it had been Ortiz instead... guess you can't get everything you wish for.

    To be honest, this will make for a lot more fun than if it had been Ortiz. More jokes, better articles... either way, I'm thrilled.

    BRING BACK AROD!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. How many steroid users were on that 2000 Yanks team?

    Glass houses and all that...

  5. ncwhitman - I'm sure there were some, but we've been over this with the Yankees. The Mitchell Report named a ton of of Yankees and mysteriously no Red Sox.

    It's time for the Sox have some guys dragged through the mud.

  6. I actually recall it being like ten guys, which is really a lot, but there were probably more guys juicing on that team, and just as many on EVERY team, including the Red Sox.

    And really, do you need to have more proof of Ortiz juicing than his pitiful plate appearances this year and this classic baseball card:

    from back when he sucked pre-2003? I may be a Red Sox fan, but I'm not blind in my fandom, and it seems pretty obvious that Ortiz was doing something. It just seems like EVERYONE was or is taking performance enhancing drugs, so it's hard to muster more than a "whatever" now when new names come out.

    I have to say that it sucked for Yankee fans being the brunt of the Mitchell report, however. And it's bullshit that A-Rod's name was leaked when there are still a hundred-some people on that list who are still anonymous. But then, I have A-Rod on my fantasy team this year and I've found myself defending him on a fairly regular basis, which makes me feel dirty.

  7. YES YES YES YES YES YES YES! I find this incredibly amusing given most Red Sox fans talked so much shit just a couple months ago.


    HAHA, Selena Roberts. No one is going to care about yoru stupid fucking book anymore!

  8. Bottom line, it is just refreshing to see someone on Boston finally get caught, all the sweeter that it was the best player on there 2 WS victories.

    If you believe that this is the first time Manny did this and all that bullshit they are going to try an spin, then shoot me an email because I know a Prince in Zimbabwe that needs your bank account number to help him hide Millions of dollars.

  9. I hear Manny's more of a Friendly's guy. As in his wife is a former waitress. That's one hell of a tip.