Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Secondary Ticket Prices Down From Last Year

Neil Best has a blog post up today (following up on his column on Monday) discussing the secondary market for Mets and Yankees tickets. Ross from New Stadium Insider was well ahead of the curve on this issue, but Neil adds a very surprising bit of information:
StubHub spokesman Sean Pate said as of last week, the average resale price of a Yankees ticket was $79, down from $84 at this time last year despite the increase in face values. 
So despite the fact that the prices of Yankees tickets had been uniformly increased (the best seats exponentially so), and it's a brand New Stadium with fewer seats, the resale price is down. 

Does this mean the Yankees are actually making less money this year? Do the inflated prices on the tickets which are already sold counteract the fact that there are empty seats? During last season, you could have counted me among those who assumed that every seat to every game this year would have been sold. Aside from Opening Day, it hasn't even been close to that... What's going to happen if/when the New Stadium appeal wears out and Yanks continue to flounder?

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