Saturday, May 30, 2009

Saturday Links

There's not going to be anything in the way of content until the game preview tonight, so here are some links from around the Yankesphere to keep you busy:
And if you're really desperate... from the Post: 
  • Mark Teixeira as said that Joe Girardi is the "best manager [he's] had, by far". Interesting how winning casts a warm glow on everything, isn't it? I didn't hear anyone saying that when they were under .500 a few weeks ago. Teix has played for Buck Showalter, Ron Washington (briefly), Bobby Cox and Mike Scioscia. Three of those guys are top notch managers and Ron Washington is only 6 games under .500 in his 2+ seasons in Texas. I think was Mark meant to say was "favorite".
  • Joel Sherman tries to compare Don Mattingly's willingness to be dropped in the order in favor of Paul O'Neill in 1994 to Jeter's reluctance to move off of shortstop, concluding that Jeter is all un-Captainy and stuff. Here's the difference: Moving down in the batting order doesn't necessitate learning an entirely new skill set. Had Mattingly been asked to shift to left field, I imagine his reaction would have been quite different. 

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  1. Great stuff. The best headline would be Yankees in first place all alone. =]

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