Friday, May 15, 2009

A-Rod Is... (Dramatic Pause)

"Keep focusing on my magical three run home run while I proceed to go 2 for 20"

Could you imagine the media vultures circling over his head if he didn't hit that homer back in Baltimore? The stories in the tabolids would be telling us how he came back too early from his hip surgery, or he wasn't mentally ready to deal with the media attention. Instead, with one swing, he bought himself a free pass good for at least six games without intense scrutiny of his performance. 

Tonight is a different story. I'll be at the Stadium and it will be interesting to see how he is received. I didn't boo Chien Ming Wang when he got shellacked and I'm not going to boo A-Rod either. Do you think other people are going to? The Twins are in town, so it's not like they are going to have an overwhelming fan presence. I'm guessing there will be a mostly positive reception in his first at bat and from then on it will be solely based on his performance. If he goes 0-5 like he did last night, they'll be booing him by the 4th at bat. 


  1. It's only been a week, but storybook home run notwithstanding, I'm starting to wonder if he wasn't rushed back. He looks rusty and hesitant at the plate, in the field, and particularly on the base paths.

    Though he's not the most reliable source, Jayson Stark quoted an anonymous scout yesterday (what is it about A-Rod an anonymous sources) who essentially said he looks awful right now.

    The organization needs to decide soon if he's back for good or not - how much longer can they afford to waste a roster spot on Angel Berroa?

  2. That's a good point. The fact that Berroa is still on the roster might mean that the Front Office still has their doubts about whether he's ready. He does have 4 walks to only 3 strikeouts, though. It's natural (and probably a good thing) for him to be tentative at first, he just has to snap out of it pretty soon.

  3. He had 2 good swings in his last AB yesterday and just missed drives on both. Hopefully things are coming around. Takes some time to adjust to big league pitching.

  4. And Rolen robbed him of a double.