Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Game 40: Eight Days a Week

Phil Hughes gets the ball in Game 40, and with the return of #40 looming, it may be the last we see of the Phranchise for a bit. While some suggest putting Hughes in the pen when Wang returns, Hughes will almost assuredly return to the Scranton rotation. And I think that's the right move. I'm sure Hughes will see the Major League roster again before September.

After a brilliant 2009 debut against Detroit three weeks ago, Hughes hasn't done so hot in his last three starts, failing to make into the sixth in any of them, posting an 11.81 ERA, allowing nearly three base runners per inning, and striking out only four batters against ten walks. These very Orioles touched him up for 8 runs on 8 hits and 2 BB as Hughes recorded just 5 outs two starts ago.

Jeremy Guthrie goes for the Orioles, making his third start against the Yankees this year. He beat them on Opening Day and they returned the favor on May 8th to snap a five game losing streak and start the 9-2 run they currently have going.

The rest of the Yankees starting rotation has been a Fab Four of late; it would be nice to see Hughes turn in a quality start tonight to join the fun. The current seven game winning streak started exactly a week ago; tonight they try to make it eight.


  1. Does anyone else hate this Mo move?

  2. Yes. It worked so far, but it appears that tonight's one of those nights that Girardi chooses to over-manage the bullpen.

    More to follow in the recap...