Monday, May 18, 2009

Game 38: Glen Carl Perkins' Cadillac

The Yankees try to extend their season-high win streak to six tonight and go for the four game sweep against the Twins. It'll be an all southpaw match-up as Andy Pettitte goes to the bump for the Yankees and opposes Glen Perkins of the Twins.

I'll be at the game tonight. The Yanks stand at 1-3 this year in non-exhibition games with me in the house. So if the streak ends tonight you know who to blame. As Jay said yesterday, I'll just take a win - no walk-offs necessary.

Perkins has given up at least 4 ER in each of his last four starts. He went 12-4 in 26 starts last year despite having an ERA+ of 92 and a WHIP of nearly 1.50. Born and bred in St. Paul, he attended the University of Minnesota and now he plays for his hometown team. That's gotta be pretty cool, but not as cool as Carl Perkins.

So, apropos of nothing but a surname, here's the Drive-By Truckers with "Carl Perkins' Cadillac", a song about the early days of Sun Records, its mastermind Sam Phillips, his Million Dollar Quartet, and how if it hadn't been for an ill-fated car accident, it might be Carl Perkins' face on postage stamps and tacky velvet artwork.

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