Saturday, May 9, 2009

Game 30: Down In The Hole

As good as last night's game was, the Yankees are still one game below .500 and 4.5 games out of first place in the divison. 

"Way Down In The Hole" is also the theme song for The Wire (set in Baltimore).
When you walk through the garden,
You gotta watch your back,
Well I beg your pardon,
Walk the straight and narrow track,
If you walk with Jesus,
He's gonna save your soul,
You gotta keep the devil,
Way down in the hole.
Trying to get the Yankees out of the hole tonight will be Phil Hughes. He's had a bit of a battle with good and evil in his first two starts. In Detroit, he shut down the Tigers through six innings, struck out 6 and didn't allow a run. However, at home against the Red Sox, it took him 94 pitches to get through four innings and he got tagged with seven hits, four walks and four runs.

You'd like to see him take it a little deeper in to the games, but even if tonight's effort comes out somewhere between those two, the Yanks should be alright. The bullpen is well rested.

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