Thursday, May 21, 2009

Breaking News: Peavy to ChiSox Staying Put

Wow two Breaking News stories in a row. And this time it's real news.

With a hat tip to RAB, both ESPN and SI are reporting that the 2009 Padres Fire Sale has begun. Though it's not official yet, it looks like the long-rumored Jake Peavy to Chicago deal will happen. Except Peavy's going to the South Side rather than joining the Cubs. Tough luck Cubs fans.

This should make Ozzie Guillen slightly less insane for about 48 hours and may keep Jose Contreras down in AAA longer than expected. Or at least until the White Sox decide that Gavin Floyd is worse.

Maybe later in the season the Yankees can exploit John Moores' impending gigantic divorce settlement to pick up a usable piece for their bench.

[UPDATE 1:19 PM - Peavy's agent says not-so-fast. I'm sure this is nothing a lucrative extension can't solve]

[UPDATE 7:10 PM - Peavy exercises his veto. You gotta figure this only postpones the inevitable. I say he'll be gone by the end of the month.]

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