Tuesday, April 21, 2009

D) None Of The Above?

Jerry Crasnick has a piece up on ESPN.com about Brett Gardner (and Daniel Murphy) which drops right in with this little diddy:

NEW YORK -- The New York Yankees' center fielder is 5 feet, 10 inches and 185 pounds worth of former college walk-on, forever driven to prove people wrong. He plays the game with the exuberance of Bo Obama frolicking on the White House lawn.

Later mentions this:
He received the nickname "Squirrel" from a teammate who said that Gardner reminded him of an old high school buddy. To Gardner's relief, the name hasn't picked up any steam in New York.
And finally arrives here:
Cashman has called Gardner a Juan Pierre who can walk, but Gardner will have to post an OBP at least in the .340 to .350 range to prove he's more than an extra outfielder.
My question is... Would you rather be compared to:

A) A Portugese Water Dog
B) An arboreal rodent
Or, C) Juan Pierre


  1. His name is spelled and pronounced 'Gardner'! Just like the team's name is pronounced 'Stinkees'! Hahaha!

  2. Oh come on Anon, don't you want to get credit for your keen-eyed editing skills? Leave a name next time.

    And thanks for the catch.