Friday, March 13, 2009

Otto's Pimp Hand Is Strong

That was honestly the greatest college basketball...check that, basketball game I have ever seen. What more can you ask for? 6OTs, back and forth all night, long range 3s, big dunks, walk-ons getting huge rebounds (Thomas), etc.

I am a huge Cuse fan as many of you know, so this will sound homeresque, but refs don't call shit on UConn, not just in this game but all season. Thabeet especially, he gets a lot of blocks but he fouls with the body every fucking time. That asshole should have fouled out in the first half.

This game was way to long to recap the entire thing, but here are some take-aways for the kids taking notes at home:

*Devendorf's 3 at the end of regulation was after the buzzer, but it was so fucking close and he got fouled on that shit.

*Stanley Robinson fucking sucks and has sucked all year, but had the best game of his career last night, which seems to happen an awful lot against Cuse.

*Paul Harris and Eric Devendorf seemed to pull their heads out of each others asses and realized you can't drive on Thabeet.

*Syracuse shot 78.4% FT as a team. WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON HERE?!?!?!

*16:27 was the Cuse:UConn turnover ratio, enough said.

*I know it was 6OTs but Paul Harris had 22 rebounds, 4 players has over 20pts, and Flynn was 16-16 from the line.

The game changer was when Thabeet fouled out. AJ Price is really good, but he can't guard Johnny Flynn and with out the shot blocking threat he had an open lane to the hoop on every possession. If you were at the Washington Tavern (WTs or Ts) you would know this cause i was screaming it. I am not sure who the player of the game was but it had to be Flynn. Here is his line:

67 minutes, 16-16 FT, 11Ast, 7 TO, 6 Stl, 34 Pts

As such, I have officially assigned the new entry music that should be played as Johnny steps on to the court at all games at the Dome and the Garden ('Cuses' home away from home).

As for tonight, I think it will be tough because they are so tired, but on the other hand WVU isn't very good against the zone. No matter what happens Cuse just played themselves into a 3, possibly a 2 seed. So I ask you this, all homerism aside, do you really want to see your team in the same bracket as Syracuse?

As mentioned before we were watching this at WTs, which was awesome, except for the length of this game. This is because when your at a bar watching a 2 hour game that becomes a 4 hour game in the middle of a DWI blanket patrol, you could run into some problems.

(Everyone got home ok, please drink responsibly)

Ending Fuck You's
-John Cahill (head ref)
-The entire University of Connecticut
-The entire State of Connecticut
-Announcers, even though I couldn't hear them, I could sense the awfulness
-You and you motherfuckin' mama


  1. I could have asked the referees to not be horrendous for the majority of the night. At least they were horrible to both teams. Thabeet flops on one end, draws a stupid foul. Flynn clears out Thabeet with his off arm on a drive to the hoop, foul on Thabeet. It was consistently terrible against both teams.

    Regardless the game was great, and is making this morning a little bit sleepy.

  2. You are right Simon, the officiating was fucking awful in both directions. Cahill was way over the top with his posession calls and I really hate when refs are that demonstrative. It makes it seem like they have ulterior motives.

    Incredible game.

  3. Cahill is a POS, always has been. BTW, Cuse is only losing 1 player after this, Ongenaet. So they are going to be disgusting again next year too.

  4. Cahill is the top rated official in the NCAA (and no I'm not saying that because he is a friend of the family).

  5. It's cool Igoe, it was just past his bedtime.

  6. Joe,
    The NCAA doesn't allow alcohol to be sold at events they sponsor, therefore their ratings are arbitrary and useless.

    If you would like me to teach you my skills of flawless logic, just give me a call.

  7. Big Willie Style,

    I know firsthand that the NCAA allows alcohol to be sold at Syracuse Foootball games as I ended up in jail sometime after the Cuse-Penn State game.

  8. @Anon: That is because the Carrier Dome is officially off-campus. You cannot serve beer on-campus and at NCAA events such as the NCAA Tournament. However, conference championships allow alcohol to be sold.

  9. Joe - You sure about that? I it was just the schools call to serve cause they own the building.

  10. Not positive, but I inferred such based on the fact that 99.99% of schools don't serve alcohol on-campus for games.

  11. I am almost positive that the Dome is officially on campus, but there are only a handful of places that do it. Which is the only draw to Cuse football.

  12. Every Google search result says the Carrier Dome is on campus.

  13. Man, I would NOT want to be Devendorf's girlfriend if the Cuse had lost this one. Looks like he's getting in some extra work as their mascot though.

  14. Oh, then it must be a school decision. Most schools probably don't do it for liability reasons.

  15. It is the decision of the conference. There is beer sold at SU games because the big east allows it. Conferences like the SEC do not allow booze to be sold.

    They do sell booze at the big east tournament, because it is a Big East event. The NCAA tourney is obviously an NCAA event, so sadly, no beer. However, from the time they they shut beer sales off at MSG until the end of the game, it must have been about 2 hours. The building must have been full of a lot of people sobering up.

    Either way - F-ing amazing game. Go Cuse. I was in MSG when Gerry went nuts for 4 days in 2006, this might have topped it.

  16. So I joined my Fantasy Baseball leagues and first person off my Pre-Draft Player Rankings:

    #20 Kevin Youkilis 1B,3B Boston (AL)

    Eat shit, queer beard.

  17. I think we just found a new motto for our site.

    Move over, "Come for the vulgarity, stay for the analysis", there's a new sheriff in town.